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Question: do we have a specific editorial style and/or description for how to use the Commentary pages, vs. the working draft? I think having a separate "Rationale", i.e. explanation of why we decide to write the policies the way they are, is a critical help to better explain to outside users how OSS trademark policies are expected to work. -ShaneCurcuru

The explanation was on the Main page, but I'm not sure where to put it so that it's obvious -- maybe at the top of each Commentary page? This is the explanation:

"The "Commentary" pages are in their own "Commentary" namespace and are explanatory material relevant to one using the model trademark guidelines, like the Reporter's Notes in a Restatement or advisory committee notes for model laws. They describe things one might consider when adopting the Model Trademark Guidelines and also reflect what choices have been made in the Guidelines and why."

I also don't know if that explanation is clear to a non-lawyer, who won't be familiar with the advisory materials in restatements and model laws.